Boating Leisure Services provide everything you need to keep your boat in peak performance, looking good, and – most importantly – safe.

We carry out electrical and mechanical servicing, repairs, and upgrades, carpentry and painting, and provide Boat Safety Scheme testing.

If your boat needs to comes out of the water we slip it using our unique trailer which supports your boat; it's quicker and safer for your boat than lifting by crane. Where necessary, work on your boat will be carried out in our workshop.

We will give you an estimate for the work to be carried out. If we find something that needs doing in addition we will contact you and discuss how to proceed.

Slip Trailer
Our Slip Trailer
Carpentry Workshop
Carpentry Workshop
Boats in the Workshop
Boats in the Workshop
At Work
At Work

We install, service, repair, and upgrade 12, 24, and 240 volt electrical systems, including fitting of alternator control systems to charger/inverter units and solar power systems.

We supply and fit Shield batteries and can provide battery testing.

Shield Marine Batteries Victron Energy
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We provide a full range of mechanical services.

Regular engine servicing is essential to ensuring your boat in reliable. Our packange includes a full service and repair including hose and belt replacement as needed, and fuel, cooling, and electrical system, battery health, and engine mount checks.

If needed, we can do full engine rebuilds or fit a new engine in–house.

We also service generators (both mechanical and electrical aspects) and outboard engines, and carry out all dock work, i.e. stern tubes, bow thrusters rudders, and props, where your boat will be taken out of the water and re‐slipped using our unique trailer.

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We install, service, repair central heating and plumbing systems and repair drip feed diesel stoves.


We are main agents for Eberspächer and repair most other heaters, including Webasto, Mikuni, Hurricane, and Kabola.

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If your fuel has become contaminated we can "polish" it to remove particulates, water contamination, and diesel bug.

Fuel Polishing System
Fuel Polishing System

Diesel Bug

Diesel bug has become an especially troublesome form of fuel contamination since the advent of biodiesel. It is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts and holds water. Unchecked, diesel bug can lead to the formation of of gums and resins in the fuel tank and the engine' injectors.

Diesel bug is not one thing; the term includes thousands of of different types of bacteria, moulds, and yeasts.

Single cell organisms, typically 0.3 to 60µm in size. A colony can double in size in 20-30 minutes. One cell can multiply into 2 million in 7 hours. Bacteria will degrade fuel quality over time.
A type of fungi with long multi-cellular filaments. There is little indication that mould degrades fuel but, due to the long strands, it blocks filters.
A type of relatively slow-growing fungi. It is typically 3-4µm in size.
A complex structure of microbes which adhere to the walls of the fuel tank and to each other. It begins to form when free floating microbes land on a surface and attach themselves to it. Given time, biofilms can grow many millimetres thick and produce a protective slime. Biofilms can excrete acid which can erode a metal fuel tank. Chunks of biofilm can slough off periodically, giving microbes the opportunity to infect other areas of the fuel system and block filters.
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From a small touch-up to a complete paint job, we can provide exactly what you need.

Where needed, your boat will be prepared and painted in our paint shop.

In Preparation
In Preparation
Bow of Demby Rose
Bow of Demby Rose
Demby Rose
Demby Rose
Bow of Queenborough
Bow of Queenborough
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Whether you are looking for a full fit-out, bespoke furniture, or a repair, we can help.

Carpentry Workshop
Carpentry Workshop
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The Boat Safety Scheme is a public safety initiative owned by the Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency. Its purpose is to help minimise the risk of boat fires, explosions, or pollution harming users of, visitors to, and people working on the inland waterways; more details on the scheme can be found on the BSS website.

Boating Leisure Services provide BSS examinations and certification. A BSS Certificate is valid for four years. For new boats an Annex XV Declaration of Conformity to Recreational Craft Directive can often be used for its first four years to support a boat registration and a Annex IIIa Declaration can be accepted for the first 12 months. Examinations can be arranged 2 months before your existing certification runs out.

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Hull Blacking

Regular hull blacking is essential to reduce corrosion of your boat's hull and should be carried out every couple of years.

While your boat is out of the water we will also check the state of the anodes and advise if replacement is necessary.

Our hull blacking service includes:
  • Slipping
  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Painting with International Intertuf 16
Just £12 per foot
(inc. VAT)